hello! i'm awzri!

i'm a white fluffy cat on the internet~

i make random things when i feel like it, like this website! i usually use scripting languages like lua(u) to make games or simple apps. i lurk a lot, and i don't really talk all too often. i've tried to be more vocal but i've been trying for years with no luck ;w; i care about privacy maybe too much. i enjoy using linux as a daily driver and would rather use federated, encrypted apps. this also ties in with my belief that anyone should own anything, instead of merely being licensed it like everything is now. i like messing with anything related to technology as well. including, but not limited to: hosting web servers, hosting minecraft servers, self-hosting servers, installing linux, installing linux again because i borked the last one, making games with lua, and learning new scripting/programming languages. my favorite colors are light pink (specifically #FFAAFF) and aquamarine i also like black and white paired with each other my pronouns are he/him. <3

~♥~ about me about this site